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Anjali Byce - CHRO, STL

We’ve all been exclaiming about seeing Venus in the night sky, waking up to birdsong, introspecting, spending time with loved ones, helping elders in our community, and so many more positive experiences.

In these times, we are realising the importance of connecting to things that matter – the biggest thing that keeps people in a company grounded, guided and bonded is shared values.

It is thrilling to see so many examples of STLers living our values. People are using this time to support each other (#Respect&Empathize), learn new skills (#HungerToLearn), go out of their way to get things done (#PromisesDelivered) and share creativity via poems, books, artwork and so much more (#KeepItSimple).

Over the next few weeks, we will share many stories of #LivingOurValues. There will be some stories that we may not be aware of – I encourage you to please share them widely on Workplace. We’ll share some of these on Social Media as well.

Let me start by sharing a story around our #HungerToLearn value -

Did you know?

  • About 1400 STLers (yes, you read that right!) have taken 90 online courses since the lockdowns started.

  • You too can use this time to upskill yourself.
  • Click to discover courses on Technical skills and Business skills*
  • Find courses on Supply chain, Creativity, Leadership, Machine Learning, Data visualisation, Risk management, Communications. M&A basics and more.
  • Explore away!


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